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Cole Engineering

     At Cole Engineering I have worked as a Software Engineer for almost two years. I cannot discuss the exact details of the projects I worked on, but I will talk about my more specific tasks without the context of the project.

  • I rewrote an algorithm in Java which took linear data, and translated this data into a map of real world coordinates

  • I created a system in Unreal 5 (UE5) which reads these coordinates, and translates them into UE5 coordinates, and then spawns splines into the world using this plugin.

  • I added a buttons to the UE5 toolbar which enable the user to do this process at the click of a button, assuming the user can provide the necessary data.

  • I have become proficient at using UE5, manipulating splines and spline tangents, and using linear algebra to further shape the splines to my liking

  • I ahave become proficient at using git

  • I even dove into UE5's animation system and have become familiar with that


     At CyberDream I worked as an Engineering/Production Intern for 6 months. I legally cannot discuss the exact details of the projects I worked on, but I will talk about my more specific tasks without the context of the project.

  • I worked on a system which would use the Oculus Quest 2's handtracking to identify hand gestures at runtime, and then preform actions as a result of the detected gesture (actions include both UI and Gameplay).

  • I created a system for spawning and removing objects using raycast detection with the Oculus controllers or handtracking

  • I researched, found and implemented music and sound effects into multiple games.


  • The entire time I was at the company I was also an Associate Producer. I helped out with assigning tasks and following up with team members to make sure they were completing their assignments on time. On some of the smaller projects I took the lead on production, taking charge of meetings and following up with team members.



    Scootin' is an epic scootering game, with a focus on doing tricks, grinding, and avoiding cars and other obstacles, all while racing downhill at top speeds.
     I was the Producer, Creative Director, and Lead Programmer on the project, overseeing a team of 9 people.

itch Page:

Keep Bouncin'

Keep Bouncin' is a casual mobile game with the goal of maneuvering the ball through the obstacles and getting to the end of the level. You do this by spiking the ball down at the right moment to avoid obstacles.

I was the Producer and Primary programmer on the project, with a team of 5 people taking part.

Apple App Store:
Google Play:
itch Page:

Some Planet

Some Planet is a third-person shooter where you have to control a Space Armadillo to shoot and navigate your way out of captivity on some planet.

I was the primary AI Programmer on the project, working with a team of 8 people.

itch Page:


StarGrazer is a shoot 'em up, level-based game focused on destroying all the enemies, staying alive, collecting points, and beating the boss at the end of each level.


The game was made by a group of 13 people. I was the Lead Programmer on the project, overseeing 2 other programmers.

The Lunar-tics

The Lunar-tics is a casual shooting game where you are a member of a penal colony on the Moon. You have decided that you have had enough and take revenge on society by hurtling rocks at Earth's largest cities.

I was the primary programmer, working with a team of 3 people. This game was made as part of the 2019 Indie Galactic Space Jam.

itch Page:

The Sentinel Project


The Sentinel Project is a mini first-person escape room game. The player must navigate the rooms and disarm the bomb, without being caught by the patrol guards.

I was the primary AI Programmer on the project, working with a team of 5 people.

itch Page:

Code Screenshots

Draw Line

This script is an algorithm made for Scootin'  which tracks finger movement and recognizes certain shapes and movement directions. Each shape drawn would correlate to a certain trick.

I am especially proud of this script. Not because of its incredible quality or efficiency, but because I could not find any documentation to help, so I had to improvise and write this script completely from scratch. It represents my struggle and preserverance to find a solution, especially when no help or easy fixes presented themselves.

Enemy AI Movement for Some Planet

This script programs a routine for a patrolling AI. This script is particuallarly notable because it is made for zero gravity movement.

Basically, the AI picks a location within a volume and propels itself toward that location. Once it gets within a certain distance of that location, it slows itself to a stop, picks another location, turns itself toward the new location, and restarts the cycle.
This routine continues until the player comes within its detection radius. when this happens, the AI stops, rotates and fires at the player. The AI gets pushed back by the force of it firing bullets in zero gravity, as it would in real life.

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